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The Competitive Dynamics consulting organization offers work process analysis, work flow expertise, objective work observation, process design, functional alignment, functional skills training, and behavioral change management coaching at all levels to empower individuals to pursue efficient and effective means of performing work within their organization. We utilize a proven methodology of work process implementation combining behavioral change management and functional skills development to provide effective work interfaces, higher levels of productivity, and to increase the individuals sense of accomplishment pertaining to their daily responsibilities.  Individuals we typically engage include – managers, first-line supervisors, designers, craftsmen, operators, technicians, and planners & schedulers.

What is it that sets Competitive Dynamics apart from the other consulting firms?

The approach to change management, the direct interaction with operators, field engineers, maintenance and construction crafts, field supervision, planners & schedulers, and the key interfaces valuing objective, dedicated, and professional expertise in facilitating work process improvements.

Competitive Dynamics consultants have over 25 years experience, working with clients to adapt and apply work process best practices yielding significant performance improvements.

Our Methodology

What does it take to implement an effective work management process?

Leadership, management oversight, supervisor effectiveness, individual engagement, and the buy-in of everyone involved.

The proven methodology of Competitive Dynamics grass roots approach focusing on functional alignment and cultural change management will enable an organization to go through an effective change process yielding significant financial benefits.  Our methodology employs a series of best practice work management process elements: Work Identification, Prioritization, Planning & Scheduling, Workload Management, Work Execution, Barrier Identification & Elimination, and Key Process Indicators (Measures).  The goal is to provide our clients with the necessary assistance to bring about effective change management, which will result in a shared success, which will be reinforced by a sense of purpose and empowerment for every individual.

Our consultants offer a dedicated and objective resource to facilitate work process knowledge, develop the necessary skills and tools for effective work management, as well as behavioral reinforcement and individual proficiency. Every engagement leverages the expertise of a consultant to offer objective observations when it comes to barriers preventing effective functional work process application.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual organization, while being sensitive to budget constraints.  We combine our experience, methods, and tools at the first and secondary supervisory levels, converting lost time into productive time, and produce cost savings that amount to over three times the cost of our services. We offer to your organization, behavioral, functional, and significant financial results through the application of our proven approach to process improvement, i.e, Analysis, Design, Alignment, Implementation and Sustainability.

If you are a site manager, director, or vice president in Capital Project Management, Engineering, Shutdowns/Turnarounds, Operations, Maintenance, or Supply Chain who is experiencing unplanned work break-ins, or production disruptions, growing work backlogs, cost overruns, capital project delays, poor design quality work packages, slow production changeovers, increasing contractor headcount, or employee frustration because of an inability to execute the work as planned, then contact us. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization, and provide you with the proven tools and capabilities to ensure your organization runs efficiently.


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