Maximizing Offshore Production Yields

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Barriers are plenty when it comes to optimizing production yields offshore. I’m not even writing about unpredictable weather, regulatory constraints, logistics challenges, limited space on the platform, etc. The focus of this piece is on work-process barriers that compromise the overall output potential of an oil & gas producing well operation. Those successful companies that thrive with competitive advantage in this booming sector of our economy are those that invest and commit to continually improving their work management effectiveness. They execute projects safely, cost effectively and with minimal impact to production. Some of the basic fundamentals must include:

Organizational alignment with clear roles and responsibilities focused on one clear vision for the company. Organizations must be willing and able to work together – silos must be broken down. Cross functional coordination is a key to success (i.e., Drilling, Construction, Maintenance and Production) – must be aligned on process objectives and expectations.

Field inputs are critical to the job scoping and constructability review process. Actual field visits are required to consult with subject matter experts to ensure the best plan is developed. Too often this step is overlooked and the results are devastating.

A schedule without a plan is only a job list. Dedicated planning and scheduling skills, methods and tools are the foundation for effective work execution. The leaders in industry recognize this and invest accordingly to realize the short and long-term financial benefits. For example: 200 hours of lost oil production because of a poor plan is unacceptable.

Aligning systems (e.g., CMMS and Primavera) to the documented work process is critical to ensure sustainability and continuous improvement over time.

If you are a vice president, director, or site manager in Capital Project Management, Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, Turnarounds, or Supply Chain who is experiencing unplanned work break-ins, or production disruptions, growing work backlogs, cost overruns, capital project delays, poor design quality work packages, slow production changeovers, increasing contractor headcount, or employee frustration because of an inability to execute the work as planned, then contact us. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization, and provide you with the proven tools and capabilities to ensure your organization runs efficiently.

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