Oil & Gas – Pressure Equipment Integrity (PEI) Inspection Work Process Improvement Program

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Optimizing the Inspection Work Flow

Pacesetting companies continue to invest in opportunities that create a more safe and productive work environment for their employees and contractors.  This blog post summarizes a recent program designed to help better align company and contractor work flow expectations, improve inspection scoping efforts and work package quality, provide systems integration support (SAP) to improve the planning & scheduling capabilities as well as improve inspection (NDE) resource utilization and barrier removal.  The program objectives and approach are summarized below.

Program Objectives

  • Conduct a PEI Inspection “As Is” Assessment – Including Work Process and Time-on-Tool observations
  • Improve Organizational Alignment – Develop a small Alignment Team of client & contractor inspection personnel to vet, refine, align, and document the Inspection work process for managing the Inspection work flow with the specified contractors
  • Develop functional Roles & Responsibilities – The Alignment team will define roles, responsibilities, and interfaces for the Inspection team in the scoping, prioritization, planning & scheduling, execution, close out and barrier elimination of inspection work
  • Conduct Inspection work process training & behavioral field coaching
  • Develop and implement the Inspection Barrier Management Process
  • Conduct ongoing informal field Time-on-Tool observations to validate implementation changes

Initial findings

  • Roles and Responsibilities were not clearly defined – Little evidence of work process documentation – work flow, concepts, tools, methods, etc.
  • Too much variability in hand-off from Inspectors to Contractor resources
  • No evidence of prioritization criteria/methodology (Break-in vs P/S work)
  • No planned hour estimates available for resource loading (i.e., demand)
  • Lacking a demand-based resource loaded schedule, i.e., man-loads undefined, cost too high compared to industry benchmarks
  • NDE Tech Time-on-tools (ToT) baseline performance below industry best practices
  • Execution barriers and KPI’s not driving improvements

Program Elements – Alignment, Train and Implement the To Be Work Process

  • Engineering, Inspection and Maintenance Champions helped launch/champion process roll-out across site
  • Multi-disciplined Alignment team working with consultant to develop the Inspection work process and best practices:
    • Vetted, refined and defined Roles and Responsibilities to drive accountability
    • Provided role group training for all users, including managers
    • Development of Daily Schedule to track and eliminate barriers to work execution
    • Development of a Risk Based Decision Model to determine work priority (P1- Emergency, P2- Urgent, P3- Routine)
    • Identified critical process metrics to drive performance improvements


  • Developed the To Be Work Flow Process Map
  • Developed Concepts & Tools for training and implementation
  • Defined clear performer roles & responsibilities (RACI)
  • Facilitated White Paper Fair Communication/Awareness prior to training roll-out
  • Conducted work process training & behavioral field coaching
  • Implemented short interval scheduling (Daily Assignments)
  • Implemented the Barrier Management Process – Root cause analysis & problem-solving skills
  • Facilitated Employee involvement
  • Completed ongoing informal ToT observations to validate implementation effectiveness
  • Improved NDE Tech Time-on-Tool performance by 35%
  • Barrier analysis and KPI’s driving improvements

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